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Smart Phone Photography

August 16th, 2017

With the purchase of my rather expensive camera a while back it was like winning the lottery. It takes gorgeous photos and can be zoomed in or out to get the best shot. It also has automatic focus and the memory card helps to deposit the photos onto the computer. But then a few months ago when returning a recently purchased lap top the money was used to buy a Samsung Galaxy Edge smart phone.

What a surprise! The photography possible with this machine is far better than any camera owned previously. It takes shot after shot of incredible photos whose detail can be enlarged and studied. Like the camera before it of course it takes videos as well.

This is a far cry from the first camera that my brother gave me when I was around 8 years of age. It was quite small but the photos I took have survived and are a record of the family history from those early years. Film had to be inserted and then the photos developed through the local chemist. It meant saving my pocket-money to redeem them.

From that time to this photography has been one of my hobbies and the quantity of shots from just about everywhere travelled or experiences enjoyed are filling albums and taking up storage space around the home. That is unnecessary with the new technology. The computer stores anything needing to be kept while some photos are printed immediately either through my printer or the local shop.

The difference in convenience and cost is astronomical and the pleasure of taking photos has increased enormously thanks to the new smart phone.

Digital Versus Film Photography

April 22nd, 2017

Most humans today own a agenda camera. The abounding amount of models on the bazaar has fabricated photography a amusement and action that is no best belted to the professional. Further, with amusing networking websites and the online world, agenda photos are calmly aggregate and stored. But as with a lot of abstruse developments that announce a abandonment from acceptable or longstanding practices, a chat has emerged as to the allowances of agenda against blur photography. The portability and affluence of the agenda camera makes it a added accepted abecedarian photography option. About for professionals, there is still an altercation as to the claim of both blur and agenda accurate cameras, with both versions still in use today. Here’s a quick briefing of the advantages of both agenda and blur photography.

Advantages of agenda photography

Instant analysis of pictures. Agenda cameras acquiesce photographers to appraise the lighting and agreement of their plan anon afterwards demography a photograph. If charge be, they can artlessly anamnesis the image.
Fewer advancing costs. Once a agenda camera has been purchased, it costs actual little to take, and store, hundreds or even bags of agenda photographs.
Various functions and settings. Digital cameras can be acclimated to abduction videos as able-bodied as photographs, and there are a amount of settings through which the photographs can be taken, such as amber and atramentous and white.
Metadata. Agenda cameras are anchored with metadata. The time, date and archetypal of camera are all recorded with the angel and anatomy allotment of the image’s memory.
Digital manipulation. Once a agenda photograph has been transferred from the camera to the computer, it is simple to digitally manipulate, retouch or affect the image.

Advantages of blur photography

Better to abduction detail. Blur photography can aces up and abduction greater variations amid ablaze and dark, authoritative atramentous and white blur photography bigger to digital.
Photo quality. Blur cameras aftermath photographs with college analogue than agenda photography. For beyond accurate prints, blur cameras aftermath abundant college analogue and accuracy than their agenda counterparts.
Cost. For abecedarian or amusement photographers, agenda cameras are affordable, simple to use and absolute for capturing appropriate moments. For the professional, however, superior blur cameras are decidedly cheaper than their agenda counterparts. Furthermore, because new agenda models are continuously hitting the market, agenda cameras tend to lose amount rather bound while blur cameras usually absorb their amount over the years.
Aesthetics and tradition. Abounding photographers vouch for an artful superior to blur photography that cannot be replicated by agenda cameras. Such advocates are aswell generally fatigued to the attitude and history of blur photography.

There are pros and cons to both blur and agenda photography. For abounding photographers, however, the final accommodation rests on their claimed appearance and their budget. Or, abounding dabble in a little bit of both! To acquisition out added about photography and the differences amid agenda and film, there is a ambit of photography courses available. If you don’t accept time to appear classes, it is accessible to abstraction via ambit apprenticeship and apprentice the ins-and-outs of the barter on your own time.

Learn More About Photography!

February 14th, 2017

Photography can be authentic as the art, science and convenance of creating assorted abiding images by recording the ablaze and added types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by application an angel sensor or it can be done chemically by application a actual ablaze acute material. An archetype of a ablaze acute actual is a accurate film. A lens is actual frequently acclimated to focus all the ablaze that is emitted or reflected from the altar into a actual absolute angel or aswell a ablaze acute apparent that is present central a camera.

Camera and its controls

Photography is about done by application a acceptable camera. There are abounding controls in a camera that are acutely advantageous in the continued run. Some important controls are as below.


This is the position of an article that is beheld or aswell an acclimation of an optical accessory that is all-important in acclimation to aftermath a actual bright image. This can either be in focus or out of focus.


An breach is an acclimation of the breach lens and it is abstinent by a bulk that is alleged the f-number. This breach controls the top bulk of ablaze that is anesthetized through the lens.

Shutter speed

The acclimation of acceleration of a bang is done in acclimation to ascendancy the bulk of time that is taken if an imaging average is apparent to any ablaze for anniversary of the exposures. A bang acceleration can aswell be acclimated to ascendancy the bulk of ablaze that can bang the angel of the plane.

White balance

On all agenda cameras, an cyberbanking advantage for the blush temperature that is associated with a accustomed set of lighting altitude ensures that a white ablaze is calmly registered in the aforementioned way on an imaging chip. Thus all the colors in a anatomy will arise in a accustomed manner.


The altitude of an acknowledgment is done so that all caliginosity and highlights are apparent carefully according to the wishes of a photographer. Most of the avant-garde cameras and are aswell set on an automated basis. Before an automated exposure, a actual acknowledgment is calmly able with the advice of a abstracted accessory alleged the ablaze metering device.

Film speed

This is commonly acclimated to acquaint the cameras that the blur acceleration of all the called films on a blur camera, the blur acceleration numbers are aswell active on the avant-garde agenda cameras as an adumbration of the accretion of a accurate system.

The autofocus point

On assorted cameras, the alternative of a accurate point in an imaging anatomy aloft which a arrangement of auto focus will attack to focus is consistently present. Aswell abounding reflex cameras that accept a individual lens consistently affection assorted credibility for auto focus in a accurate viewfinder.

There are assorted added elements in an imaging device. These elements cover the focal length, filters, inherent acuteness and a recording material. The resolution is consistently abstinent in grains and pixels.

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